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Valuable Services That May Be Offered By Your Favorite Cash Advance Company

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Cash advance services can be found in locations across the country and people who have used their services will tell you that it is the easiest way to get fast cash when you need it the most. With no credit required and simple requirements, just about anyone can get a loan when they want. What most people do not know is that paycheck advance companies do not just offer payday loans. They usually have an array of different helpful services. Here are a few that you may be surprised to find at your favorite payday lender.

Installment Loans – The installment loan is a form of payday loan that gives you the flexibility of paying what you borrow back in more than one payment. The requirements to qualify for an installment loan are much more relaxed than what they typically are with other lenders. Plus, many people prefer this option over the traditional cash advance because it is easier to pay back.

Tax Return Filing – Do not be surprised to see signs advertising tax filing at your local cash advance company when tax season rolls around. Many of the people who work in these companies are skilled in finance, and along with that skill will often come knowledge of tax filing.

Cash for Gold – Payday lenders are all about helping people find a way to get extra money when they think they are out of options. Therefore it is only natural that many of these companies would trade your scrap gold for cash.

Title Loans – If a payday or installment loan is not something you can qualify for, you may be interested in what is known as a title loan. This type of loan involves adding the payday lender as lien-holder on the title to your car or property, in exchange for a specific loan amount.

Online Loan Options – If you do not have a payday lender nearby, it is likely that you can take advantage of online loan services. Many of the most well-known cash advance services offer loans online just the same as they do in-store.

When you take a look at all of the reasons you might have for visiting a payday loan company, you will likely be a little surprised. If you think one of these valuable services are something you would be interested in, talk to your preferred lender about what they have available for you as a customer.