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Currency In A Post-Apocalyptic World: A Prepper's Guide

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If you are prepping for the collapse of society as we know it, you have probably already thought about the fact that government-backed money will be useless in such a scenario. So part of your prepping should focus on things that will be high-value in barter situations. Here are some of the most important.


Yes, it makes everything taste good. More importantly, it is a necessary nutrient we literally can't live without. There is a lot of salt in most commercial canned goods, but people won't always be eating from cans.

Other uses for salt:

  • curing meats
  • medicinal uses - including treatment of toothaches, bug bites, and poison ivy
  • cleaning

What kind to stock:  Iodine is also a necessary nutrient, so iodized salt is the best option.


Real honey will be valuable as currency because it is full of nutrients, keeps forever, and has many uses beyond sweetening.

Other uses for honey:

  • a plethora of medicinal uses include treatment of burns, fungal infections, and sore throats
  • skin care
  • hair conditioner

What kind to stock: Research has shown that most commercial honey is not actually true honey. Find a local apiary and buy raw, unfiltered honey. 


The most obvious reason to stock liquor is to offer a diversion from the difficulty of post-apocalyptic life. Its intoxicating effects alone will make it a valuable commodity.

Other uses for liquor:

  • as an antiseptic
  • as a pain killer
  • for sterilizing

A word of caution: Alcohol does not warm a person and cannot be used to prevent or treat hypothermia. While it will make you feel warm, it actually lowers your core body temperature. 

What kind to stock: Whiskey and vodka (or other high-percentage grain-alcohol) are your best choices. 


If you own firearms, you probably know that ammunition shortages are happening even now. So ammo will definitely be high-value currency as people need to hunt and protect their families and supplies in a lawless society. 

Always check your state and local laws before stocking ammunition.

What kind to stock: Any and all ammunition for common types of firearms, such as .22 handgun and long rifle, 9mm, .45, and ammo for hunting rifles.

Precious Metals

Precious metals are called precious for a reason, and it's likely that the world will go back to using them as currency before governments stabilize and money returns.

What kind to stock: Gold and silver are your best options, as they are easy to come by right now. Work with a coin and currency shop such as Beaverton Coin & Currency for help stocking up on gold and silver coins. Once you have your precious metals, store them somewhere safe. 

We've gone over five things that will be highly useful as currency in a post-apocalyptic world. Once you have your family's food, water, and medical supplies taken care of, turn your focus to stocking some or all of these valuable items. If society does collapse, you'll be glad you did.